Monday, April 13, 2015

I Love Paita!!!!

Hooooooollllllllla FAMILIA!

I absolutely LOVE Paita.  My area is about 10 minutes from the beach and although we can not see the beach at all, every night, starting at six, we feel an ocean breeze that brings over the salty smell, and sometimes it smells like fish, shrimp, and clams.  It’s super cool and it’s a nice fresh breeze, which is a nice break from the killer sun that never seems to stop burning.

My area is basically on the outskirts of town, and it’s made up of all dirt roads.  It's a big area, and there aren’t many people in the streets (which is really strange for Peru).  The  people who live here don’t have running water...or a sewage system...So it’s pretty crazy. 

I serve in a branch, but there is a big church for the meetings.   It’s pretty crazy sometimes being in a branch.  But I really like it, it’s super chill.

When we get in our room at night, my comp has a thermometer, and its usually 90 degrees in our room at night....and the sad thing is, it doesn’t really even bug me that much anymore.  In the morning, with the breeze it gets down to 83 or so.  Which is pretty comfortable. jaja

The area is a good area.  The missionaries that have been here before have down a good job, and have worked a lot, and I feel like the branch is a good fit for me.  I have lots of personal goals for the branch, and a lot with my comp and I really hope that I can help where I can.  We don’t have any investigators, other than the 75 year old lady (hna. Santos) who will be baptized in two weeks.  So I feel like now is the time to find new people, and especially a family that can be baptized.  I think that is what the branch is missing. 

The goal for now is...MAY 16: BAPTISMS WITH A FAMILY AT THE BEACH.  (That is Zack’s birthday)

So, that's my personal goal, and the goal of our companionship.  I hope we can do it. 

And dad, I did not ask to be in this area...I really really wanted to be here, but I would never our mission this happens...those ZL who have lots of time, after having two areas of being zone leaders, are usually given another assignment and and allowed rest a little.  I had 7 transfers as a ZL (9-10 months) and its my turn to serve in another way for now.  Sometimes my zone leaders will call me and ask for advice, or if they have questions.  They call me the “purple heart”, or the “retired”.  I feel good doing what I am doing. 

It’s like when I ran cross country. I had been a good swimmer done good things there, but when I ran cross country...I was the worst one.  But, I had tons of friends and just tried to lift where I stood.  And I loved it.  Thats my job now...lift where I am, learn to follow, and to work like Shiblon.

I really am more relaxed and enjoying it more.  It’s been going great.

I am happy and liking my new area.  The members are awesome.  Everyone gives us food.  they are so loving, and it's going to be a great to end my mission.

In regards to my extension, interestingly enough, I didn’t extend for the list of Pros and Cons that I made, but rather, I extended because I really felt that God had answered my prayers and that I am needed here.  So help me remember that when times get tough.

Funny story...So we were walking down the road, and it was hot, and hard, and all the appointments fell through, and we were walking to go knock more doors.  (Do all missionary stories begin like this?) My comp LOVES Inca Kola.  And he started saying, “I want an inca kola right now, but it’s Sunday, so I can’t buy one!”, then in that moment, we walk around the corner, and theres a brand new bottle of Inca Kola, just there lying in the street.  It hadn’t been opened or anything....jaja I laughed my head off.  Blessing of the day!

Well, in the BOM I am in Mormon 9, about ready to finish again!  Excited!  And, tell me family...where are you?

Love you all, all is going well.  I am happy, and ready to keep on going.

Elder Bradshaw

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